5 Methods to Identify the Quality of Acrylic Materiel

///5 Methods to Identify the Quality of Acrylic Materiel

5 Methods to Identify the Quality of Acrylic Materiel

In this modern society, acrylic sheets and their products are widely used in households, construction, automobile, advertising, exhibition, and other industries. Acrylic sheet materials can produce a variety of acrylic display racks, lenses, acrylic crafts, buttons, shoes, and other products. There are a lot of acrylic sheet manufacturers in China, so their acrylic materials and products have different grades. The manufacturers of Feilong Acrylic advise you of five methods to distinguish the good and bad quality of acrylic sheets. as below 5 listings:

1. Transmittance identification method

After a good fine acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light emitted from the back surface is pure and free of impurities, no yellowing or bluing occurs, and the transmittance of the good sheet is higher. Therefore, the better the transmittance of the acrylic sheet, the less the impurities contained in the sheet, and the transmittance can reach 93% to 95%. It looks crystal and very clear.

2. thickness identification method

One of the most important characteristics of acrylic sheet materials is that they can be identified by thickness. Generally speaking, it is necessary to have a sufficient thickness as the instruction claimed. When choosing an acrylic sheet, it must be confirmed whether the thickness is consistent with the advertised thickness. This thickness is a key factor.

3. fire identification method

Acrylic materials of good quality are not easily flammable, and they do not produce an unpleasant odor during processing. Many materials on the market are mixed and shoddy. Recycling materials or poor materials can produce an unpleasant odor when processed. In addition, the good acrylic material-making board is soft and When stuck to the other boards can be separated easily, and the poor material of acrylic material board when making soft and the two pieces are stuck together and it is difficult to separate.

4. soft edge identification method

New plates or good materials are packaged in soft rubber from the factory. In order to prevent the corners from being broken and scratched by rubbing and bumping, it is confirmed that there is a soft edge package that can also be used as a recycled material plate. A different method of new plates.

5. quality comparison method

Regular acrylic sheet manufacturers generally provide a comparison between the sample and the actual production. You can check the color appearance and some parameters. It is also easier to identify with this method.

The above are a few simple methods to identify good and bad-quality acrylic sheets. Feilong acrylic manufacturers remind us that acrylic sheet hardness is relatively low and easy to scratch, so pay special attention to handling and transportation, and avoid bumps and contact with hard or sharp objects, so as not to break or scratch the surface to affect normal use.

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