5 Production process Technics of Acrylic Products

///5 Production process Technics of Acrylic Products

5 Production process Technics of Acrylic Products

As everyone knows, acrylic display products are exquisite and beautiful, lightweight, and easy to carry in life. In addition, it has a long-lasting life. The products made of good acrylic materials will not turn yellow after 5 years. At the same time, it has a wide range of uses: Used to display mobile phones, jewelry, gifts, cosmetics, etc. Acrylic display rack processing technology is a heating method, section method, injection method, stitching method, the bonding method, and total of five production process procedures. List and explain for you as follows

1, heating method:

As the name implies, this method is firstly heating the acrylic raw material acrylic sheet to a soft and slightly melted state, and then it was quickly be formed by the worker directly by hands. Can be assisted by tools if needed. In this way, the producer must understand very well the shape and structure of the acrylic custom display produced steps and designed, and the action is quick and decisive in a few seconds. The acrylic products made by
this method is characterized by the characteristics of smooth and beautiful lines, simple and durable appearance.

2, Cross-section making method:

In this method, acrylic blocks or plates of different colors are repeatedly superposed and bonded together, and then directly cut and formed into a section. Acrylic products made by this processing method are integrated into various colors, and the color layers are varied and radiant. The finished products can often give people a very beautiful visual effect and impact.

3, Injection method:

The third method is to melt and melt the acrylic material, inject it into the existing mold, and then cool it. Acrylic products made by this method are applied in the fields of current acrylic products, especially acrylic craft gifts, because of their full body, smooth and unsatisfactory lines, and strong three-dimensional and embossed texture. widely.

4, Stitching method:

Cut the acrylic blocks or plates of different colors into the desired geometry, and then adjust the angle mosaic on the bottom plate. The requirement of this method is that the splicing combination between the acrylic block or the plate is strict tightly, and the embossing angle and the cross-section are obvious, and the acrylic product made by this method has the characteristics of distinct color contrast, and at the same time takes into account the beauty of abstraction, so The final product is very beautiful.

5, Bonding method:

In this method, after the acrylic material is cut into the desired shape, the bonding process is performed on a flat surface or by means of a special adhesive glue using acrylic.

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