Three Ways of Acrylic Sheet Processes and Problems of Acrylic Sheets Production

///Three Ways of Acrylic Sheet Processes and Problems of Acrylic Sheets Production

Three Ways of Acrylic Sheet Processes and Problems of Acrylic Sheets Production

Acrylic is also called a specially treated plexiglass. It is a plexiglass replacement product and an improved product. The lighting made of acrylic material has good light transmission performance, rich and varied colors, high
transparency and smoothness, and can meet both day and night effects. Long service life.

Acrylic sheet production methods mainly include casting, injection molding, extrusion molding, and thermoforming. The following describes the problems and solutions of the four different production processes and production

1. Casting production method

Casting method – This method requires the use of a mold for casting. The texture, shape, and structure of the processed product are very complicated, so the general production scale is suitable for small batch production. The
products produced by the casting method have high toughness and high strength, and also have good decorative and aesthetic value. Therefore, industries such as craftsmanship and decoration often use acrylic materials produced by
casting to make various craft gifts. The cast product required post-treatment in production, after which the treatment conditions were incubated at 60 ° C for 2 hours and at 120 ° C for 2 hours.

2. Extrusion molding method

Polymethyl methacrylate can also be prepared by extrusion molding, using granules prepared by suspension polymerization to prepare plexiglass sheets, rods, tubes, sheets, etc., but the prepared profiles, especially the sheets, are
not as good as the cast profiles. Due to the small molecular weight of the polymer, especially for pipes and other casting molds. Profiles that are difficult to manufacture. Extrusion can be carried out using a single or dual
stage vented extruder with a screw length to diameter ratio of 20-25. Extrusion is usually done in a large-scale, mass-production way. The reason is that the extrusion method can be fully automated, the disadvantage is that the
processing is not flexible, and the process flow and product model are not easy to change.

3. Injection molding production method

Injection molding uses granular pellets which are formed on a common plunger or screw injection molding machine. Typical process conditions for injection molding: Injection molding products also need to eliminate internal stress
and re-treatment, in a hot air circulating oven environment of 70-80 ° C, the processing time depends on the thickness of the product, generally takes about 4 hours.

Problems in the production of acrylic materials

(1) Bubble problem
Acrylic production is the same as other alloys, and foam is the biggest trouble in the production process. Each process and process in the production process is designed to prevent the storage of bubbles in the body of the
processed product. Once the bubble formation will cause great damage and irreversibility to the aesthetics and rigidity of the processed product. Moreover, acrylic products are mostly transparent, so it is difficult to sell after
the bubble is generated, so the processing cost is greatly threatened. Regardless of the type and method of processing, care must be taken to ensure the use of cleaning gas and to ensure a vacuum environment.

(2) Transportation problems
Acrylic sheet transportation must take certain protective measures. Whether it is recycling between production plant equipment or road transport and transportation, the necessary protective measures are required. Although the
toughness of acrylic is much higher than the toughness of plexiglass, it is not too hard, and its impact resistance is not good. Once the crack occurs, the entire plate will gradually break and it is difficult to avoid. Therefore,
when transporting acrylic, a protective film and a vacuum device should be used to fix the material to prevent irreversible consequences caused by the collision.

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